Whole Vehicle Specification

There are numerous commercial vehicle manufacturers, body builders, ancillary equipment manufacturers (tail-lifts, fridges, cranes etc.) and selecting the correct ones for your specific business needs (operation, usage, location, back-up requirements) is a complex process, especially when commercial vehicles are not your speciality.

Add to that the fact that several individuals in your business may have differing views, and that some of the decisions you make could have a dramatic effect upon whole-life costs, and it may just pay to talk to someone like Faamco, who have over 100 years experience in this field and can advise and manage the process to ensure that the correct decisions are made and that the lowest whole-life cost is achieved that matches your business and support needs.

Faamco knows which manufacturers (chassis, body and ancillary equipment) offer the best solutions by operation type, location and usage and can ensure that the final specification matches your business needs whilst minimising the impact on repair and maintenance and maximising potential resale value.