Order Process Management

Once the exact specification of the vehicle has been finalised, the correct suppliers selected and finance options determined, it is time to establish a build programme. With potentially long lead times from the chassis supplier, build slots to be reserved and maintained at the body builder and ancillary equipment suppliers to be brought into the line, it is sometimes difficult for companies to manage the order and build process effectively. Failure to manage this process pro-actively can lead to vehicles being late into service and the potential costly expense of hiring interim rental vehicles or paying punitive rates to extend existing vehicles to bridge the gap.

We at Faamco have used our experience to tailor our asset management software with a flexible workflow tool that allows us to manage the build process, however complicated, and to keep all the relevant parties informed. You, the customer, can access to our web-enabled system to view the progress of your vehicles, however, automated communication will be set up to keep you informed of progress and any developments. Likewise, all the suppliers within the build chain will be automatically informed of any changes that may affect their timings, and their performance will be managed against specific targets.

One of the major customer benefits of Faamco managing this process is that, apart from the entire supply chain being kept informed of any variations immediately they develop, Faamco assist in making early and informed decisions regarding any potential vehicles that may be due to be replaced. These outgoing vehicles may have time sensitive ‘purchase guarantees’ from the manufacturer/leasing company or they may be starting to cost too much to run etc. so it is vital that any interested parties are kept informed and proactive (not reactive) decisions are made should the new vehicle delivery date be affected.