Mileage Management

Monitoring the odometer reading of a fleet of commercial vehicles is essential in controlling costs whether the operator is responsible for the maintenance costs or whether these costs are ‘fixed’ through a Maintenance & Repair agreement.

With vehicles being maintained on a time and mileage basis, it is important to ensure that all the vehicles cover as uniform a distance as possible over their life. That way, the operator responsible for maintenance costs is most likely to minimise them whilst maximising value for money and minimising vehicle downtime. In addition, the resale value of the vehicles is likely to be enhanced as high mileage decreases value quicker than low mileage increases it.

Likewise, if the risk of maintaining the vehicle is outsourced to a supplier, it is still important to monitor odometers as it can minimise return costs incurred through excess mileages (which tend to be ‘one way’) and refurbishment.

By using telematics technology, Faamco can take responsibility for not only monitoring an operator’s entire fleet, but in managing the actions deemed appropriate by the operator. The operator loses no control as mileage reports are viewable on-line.