Tyre Management

How tyres are managed during their life is vitally important in helping to reduce the operational costs of running commercial vehicles plus the assurance that, from a legal and safety standpoint, the vehicles are operating with tyres in good condition.

In today’s competitive market, commercial vehicle operators are under enormous pressure to maximise their fuel economy and to minimise their carbon footprint, and good tyre management is essential in helping to achieve these goals.

Faamco Tyre Management is a pro-active approach to tyre husbandry in monitoring driver daily checks and managing the information received on the condition/pressures of the tyres from the vehicle’s routine service and safety inspections or, as an added safety measure, through regular tyre fleet inspections carried out at the customer’s operating site.

Good tyre management will optimise tyre life and provide customers with a reduction in their operating costs through better fuel consumption, improved vehicle availability and reduced management time.