Operators License

There are certain legal requirements when operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight, including driver’s licences, tachographs and of course, holding a valid Operator’s Licence for the type and operation of the vehicle and the goods being transported.

At Faamco we can help right through the process, whether it is in the initial application for a licence in order to start operating heavier vehicles or the ongoing management of the O Licence. A multiple depot customer can have several O Licences as they need to have one for each O Licence Traffic Area Office.

Faamco will keep records and scanned copies of the customers O Licence on its web accessible system. From here it will manage expiry dates, vehicle movements (where any of the customer’s vehicles move from one Traffic Area) as well as the number of vehicles allowed by the O Licence.

Should the customer need to rent additional vehicle for longer than a 28 day period and have insufficient space on his O Licence, then Faamco can apply, on the customer’s behalf for an increase to the number of vehicles allowed, including how they will be maintained (an important question asked for every O Licence).