Chassies, Body, Ancillary

The majority of operators whose vehicles are serviced and maintained under standard ‘repair and maintenance’ agreements (more often than not with the vehicle manufacturer or a distributor) are not aware that this covers the chassis only and does not include any servicing or repairs required to the body or ancillary equipment that may be fitted to the vehicle.

It is possible to have a commercial vehicle made up of three or more ‘assets’ (tippers, tail-lifts, cranes, fridges, winches etc.) which may well have their own service schedule and safety inspection requirements. At Faamco we monitor and manage each ‘asset’ jointly and separately; we set up each vehicle which has multiple assets onto our system as ‘parent and child’. This allows us to manage separate finance lines, maintenance budgets etc. for each asset whilst matching the scheduled events to minimise downtime and disruption to the operator.

In other words, each sub-asset (or child) receives the same exacting levels of Faamco Management as the chassis (or parent).