Faamco Fleet Assist

Every customer (where Faamco is responsible for the Maintenance & Repair of the vehicle) has a single point of contact for any roadside assistance that may be required. This service operates 24/7 so there is no difference for a day time or night time incident. In addition, Faamco covers the complete vehicle, so this applies to chassis, body or ancillary equipment.

The co-ordinator answering the call will know the operational services which are applicable to that vehicle/customer, including any special arrangements made with the customer with regard to the treatment of their breakdowns. However, Faamco will not leave any one in the lurch. Should the incident not be part of the services attributed to the vehicle in question, Faamco will gladly assist as though it were, with the relevant costs being subject to recharge. In each case the appropriate Authorised Repair Agent is sent dependent upon type of failure.

The most critical aspect of dealing with a breakdown successfully is to ‘link & chase’ the incident right through to conclusion and at Faamco we do just that. Every breakdown is handled live on the system with every event managed in real time. The time of the call, estimated time of arrival and actual time of arrival are logged, along with the action that is necessary. Should the vehicle need recovery to a workshop, this will be arranged and managed, with the time of arrival at the workshop, time of diagnosis and estimated time of repair being logged and chased through to completion.