Return Management

Closely linked to the End of Lease procedure will be the inspection of the vehicle by the manufacturer’s or leasing company’s elected body (for example the FTA). Understanding the inspection criteria that will be implemented and ensuring that the vehicle meets these conditions with the minimum of expenditure is imperative in order to control costs. If it is left to the manufacturer or leasing company then the refurbishment cost is likely to be substantially greater than is necessary.

Faamco has years of experience in managing the return of vehicles and the refurbishment costs involved. Through countless negotiations with the inspecting bodies (e.g. FTA) we are well versed in preparing vehicles that will meet the ‘return conditions’ with minimal expenditure.

Faamco will automatically manage this process and any ensuing negotiation should the vehicle in question be on an Faamco operating lease. HOWEVER, Faamco can also manage this requirement on behalf of customers who have arranged their own finance or have their own ‘repurchase agreement’ in place.