The traditional understanding of VOR is that the vehicle in question is not available for work through an unscheduled mechanical failure. Scheduled events are deemed to be unavoidable downtime.

However, Faamco strive to manage the downtime for the complete process including these scheduled events. Yes, the inspection and services are unavoidable downtime, but that does not mean that considerable time is not lost in the process. By working tirelessly with our service providers, Faamco records vehicle downtime for both scheduled and non-scheduled events.

This means monitoring:

  • Time of delivery of the vehicle versus time due
  • Time job started versus time due
  • Time job finished versus estimated time
  • Time customer informed vehicle available
  • Time collected versus time informed

Through the gathering of this information whenever possible, Faamco can work with both ends of the supply chain to minimise downtime and reduce costs and increase the efficiency of this expensive overhead.