Sales & Leaseback

A company’s financial and/or operational requirements can change dramatically over time, and the way its commercial vehicles have been financed, operated and managed may no longer be suitable for current and future needs.

Regardless of how the vehicles are currently financed by the customer, Faamco can step in at any time in a fleet’s life cycle and, by working with the customer, tailor the appropriate solution in order to take control of the operational services that the customer now deems necessary, as well as managing the administrative requirements of the company through FAamco Management.

However, there are additional options available to assist with any changes required in the financial aspects of a vehicle fleet.

Should the customer own the vehicles then Faamco can arrange to purchase them, giving the customer a cash injection into the business. The vehicles will then be financed by the most appropriate method of funding for the customer as offered by Faamco Finance.

Should the vehicles be subject to a finance agreement already, that now doesn’t suit the customer (maybe in terms of ‘on’ or ‘off’ balance sheet), then Faamco can work with its financial partners to find an appropriate and affordable solution.