Driver Licence Checks

At best, most companies ask to see the driving licences for those employees who drive company vehicles may be once a year. In many cases it is nothing more than a scan or photocopy if indeed the procedure is even implemented. In addition, many organisations do not check the driving licences of employees using their own vehicles for business purposes.

Driver licence checking through Faamco not only removes potential loop holes of this important process, but brings with it the opportunity for much more proactive management. Faamco imports all the driver licence details given by the organisation onto its on-line system. These should include all relevant employees including those using their own vehicle on the organisations business and any sub-contractors however defined working on the organisations behalf. At user defined periods Faamco checks electronically the status of these licences directly with the DVLA not only for any driving offences in force at the time of the check but also the classification of vehicle for which the driver is entitled to drive at the time of the check.

This not only ensures that regular checks are carried out without fail, but it highlights those individuals who have become ‘at risk’ of losing their licence where training may be required. These ‘at risk’ individuals, and any training deemed appropriate, can also be tracked on-line though the customer portal.

In addition, the system has the functionality to record the details and actions required of any traffic accidents by driver name or vehicle registration number.

The organisation remains responsible for advising of ‘New Starts’ and ‘Leavers’. Leavers are re moved from the system and new starts are added to the system checked straight away.